Frequent questions on banner advertising for expats

Frequent questions on banner advertising for expats

If you don't have a lot of experience with display advertising, the questions in the article will give you an introduction to banner campaigns in the expatriate segment.

How do my banners appear on Just Landed?

We use an ad server from Google which is called DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). This product has audited figures for impressions and clicks so we can be sure we deliver what you order accurately and in full.

How much does it cost?

We sell banners based on the number of times they are seen. We quote prices in CPM (cost per thousand impressions). So the total cost of a campaign depends on the number of times the banners are displayed. For further information please contact us.

What is a banner impression?

Every time one of your banners is shown to a user is an impression. Our ad server counts these page impressions and uses them to manage your campaign and monitor how successful your advert is.

How do you track the performance?

Our ad server allows us to track and measure banner impressions, clicks and other data. We can set up reports so you have access to this information.

What is CTR?

The Click Through Rate (CTR) is a percentage based on the number of clicks divided by the number of banner impressions:

CTR = Clicks / Impressions

For a example, 100,000 impressions, which generate 500 clicks will mean a a CTR of 0.5%. CTR is a good measure of the quality of the advertising creative and the targeting of the ads.

How many new customers will I get?

We optimise the delivery of banner campaigns to generate as many clicks as possible, by delivering them to the optimal audience and employing a number of techniques to boost performance.

The number of new customers you will generate depends on:

  1. The quality of the advertising message and creative used
  2. The experience the visitor gets when they arrive at your site (the 'conversion' from click to customer or enquiry). Ensuring an appealing experience and tracking it (we know it's hard to know where every last customer comes from, but it is well worth the money and effort to try and find out).

Banners also generate a significant branding impact. All the people who see and do not click will become more familiar with your brand and more likely to buy the next time they see you or have a real need for your service or product.

What is a landing page?

A landing page (or landing URL) is a website address where a user gets sent when they click on your banner.

How do I create banners?

Creating an effective banner is a real challenge. We recommend you use a designer with some experience in online advertising.

Can you create banners?

Normally, no. We prefer to focus on bringing the right audience and targeting ads correctly. If you need to get a campaign running in a hurry we can sometimes help out, ask your account manager.

Will my banner be exclusive at Just Landed?

Not by default, however you are welcome to contact us for information on sponsorship options where you can get exclusive placement.

What is a clickTAG?

A clickTAG is a line of actionscript embedded in a Flash ad which allows us to measure and optimise your campaign as we can track clicks. If we host your Flash banner on our ad server, it needs to contain a clickTAG so we measure effectively.

My account manager tells me my banners do not contain a clickTAG?

This means that the SWF Flash file you sent us does not contain a clickTAG and we are unable to track the campaign properly. You should contact the person who has developed the Flash creatives for you and ask them to insert a relevant clickTag which will be working on DFP. To check if your banner has a clickTAG, use this tool .

Where can you find more information on our banner formats?

For detailed information on our supported banner formats, please check our technical specifications. You can also find general information on banner formats at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) . If you have any questions on banner formats, targeting options or campaign implementations, please contact us.