Staying safe online

Tips for buyers and sellers

Here are some tips for anyone who is buying, selling or advertising any product or service not only on Just Landed, but anywhere on the Internet. 

Our team works tirelessly to approve the users and content of our website, though we cannot ensure the intentions of all users, and problems often only occur when money is due to exchange hands. By taking note of these tips, you can help protect yourself and your money.

  • If possible, try to see the product before agreeing a sale or payment
  • Does the offer seem too good to be true? Trust your instincts
  • Research the buyer / seller, including their contact details and website
  • Find out what the average cost of the product / house rental in the area should be. Is the advertised price similar to this?
  • Don't give out more personal information than necessary

Making an online payment

When using a platform such as Moneygram or Western Union to carry out a transaction, be aware of the following:

  • Who are you sending bank details to?
  • Are the website and platform official / trusted?
  • Is the payment required before the exchange of goods?
  • Where are you sending the money, and why?
  • Is there a third party intermediary (possibly in another country)?
  • If carrying out an escrow payment, be aware of the authenticity of the website, the process and any other parties involved in the transaction
  • Beware of anyone who wishes to pay by cheque
  • Do not agree to a transaction where the buyer offers to pay more than agreed, and then insists that you transfer the difference back to their account

If you have any questions, experiences, or information that you believe may be of use to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.