About us

Helping people abroad

Just Landed was created in 2003 to help people moving country. Today, more than 170 million people live, work and study abroad.

The challenges of moving, settling in and making a new life in a new place can be difficult, we aim to help make this easier. Whether you're an exchange student, professional or pensioner - our information, resources and services will help you settle abroad:

  • Our country guides explain every aspect that goes along with a move abroad.
  • Our expat directory includes thousands of companies providing special products and services to expatriates.
  • Our expatriate community enables you to find new friends abroad and to exchange experiences with other people.
  • Our housing portal offers thousands of listings for apartments, shared flats and property in various countries.
  • Our job market lists international job opportunities for people looking to work abroad.
  • Our classifieds are a marketplace for small ads, ranging from furniture sales to language exchanges.

We're working hard to become the place to go for people moving country. If you have ideas or want to get involved, get in touch! If you want to find out more about what we are doing, please go to the Just Landed Blog.